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Welcome to Cowboy Shooting At Plunge Creek!


We Shot at the Inland Fish and Game Conservation Association in Highland California.

The Fight for Inland Fish and Game is over. We are closed at this location for good.

What's New At Plunge Creek

The members of both Inland Fish and Game Conservation Association and The Plunge Creek Cowboys are sad to say we have lost the legal fight and have closed.

The range has been bulldozed and is no more. It served the community for more than 46 years

We served Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, US Navy Sea Cadets, Ca. Fish and Game hunter safety, and many local benefit organization, The Plunge Creek Cowboys, Buffalo Shooters, and many more. A sad loss.

This site remains for the time as a reminder of the adversaries shooting sports have. And of the fun we had at Plunge Creek.

Happy Trails to you pardners


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R. I. P.


Saturday, 2009


No need to be anything but honest here. Any shootout is unlikely for a while. The Range is closed to shooting until further notice.


 Stay tuned for news.


No matter what happens Horace Falcon and the founders ALL intend to survive and rise again (soon) as a Phoenix should.


Keep your badges and cards Pards. This fight is far from over. 


The e-mail and website will remain if you need to contact us. Prayers are welcome.




Saturday, July 18th, 2009


A shoot was shot, sounded Hot! Top Three winners were J.D. BUll, Dead Eye Maverick, and Cross Creek.


Food, you betcha


Be ready for 8 stages


Be prepared for heat, remember the snakes are out in the summer. And the snakes are out in the summer as well!


IFG thanks you for your continued support. Have some fun Cowboys and Gals!

We would like to try a new "just for fun" category:
This will be a separate category and will NOT be included in the overall scoring.  It will be scored alone.
Guns required: .22 single action pistols, .22 pump or lever rifle, ANY shotgun (410, 20 ga, 12 ga)
You can shoot ANY "sub-category" that you like, (modern, traditional, gunfighter, duelist, elder statesman, grand dame), HOWEVER,  you will only sign up as "LADY COWPOKE" or "MAN COWPOKE". 



Saturday, June 20th, 2009

The Victors were #1,Guy Wolf #2, Irish Eyes #3, Coop!

Congratulations shooters! Everybody wins at a PCC IFG shoot! Yee-Haa.......


Saturday May 16, 2009

Our shoot was on Saturday May 16, 2009

The Overall champions were #1 Long Swede, #2 Dr. George, #3 JJ Johnson.

Shooters meeting was at 8:15.
We started shooting at 8:30.
We shot 6 stages.
Thank you very much for "working" with us and arriving a little early to help with the sign up!  It seemed to go a little smoother and it was A LOT less stressful for us!!!  Thanks again for your help!!!  
Not So Dead Eye Maverick

A note, PCC will had a booth, or more correct a demo stage set up out at Mile High Ranch in Cherry Valley on our shoot day. Horace is handling it. If you want to come out and shoot a demo stage to advertise our club you are welcome. Our demo is at 2 PM.(you can make it!) Contact Horace Falcon for details directions and inconveniences. Thanks to Henry Hooker who worked harder than any cowboy should to make it a success! Jorge our rangemaster was great as well. Horace was there and lazy as always!

April 18th, 2009


The Top shooters this month were;


Long Swede #1, Dead eye Maverick #2, Cross Creek #3.


Really good shooting. 


Remember, EVERYONE is a winner if they have fun at Plunge Creek!


Directions to Inland.     

March 21st, 2009


The March Plunge Creek Shootout top shooters were;


Long Swede #1


J J Johnson #2


Cross Creek #3


Good Job Cowboys!

February 20th and 21st, 2009


What a great weekend!


The Overall Champion Shooters at this years Gunfight at Plunge Creek;


#1 Deadeye Maverick


#2 Mudflat Mike


#3 Chekahsah Joe


#4 JJ Johnson


#5 Hud 


Great Weather, Good Stages, Great Cowboys and Cowgirls, Excellent Vittles! I can barley wait until next year.


More scores posted on the score pages.

January 31st, 2009

Cowboy Workday at Plunge Creek, Please come out and help get ready for the Anniversary shoot. 

January 17th 2009


Eight stages were shot on a day with great weather!


The Top shooting cowboys were #1,Long Swede, #2 Dead Eye Maverick, #3 J.D.Bull

December 20th 2008


Yee-Haa......... Winners overall were #1 dead Eye Maverick (What's goin' on here?) #2 Timber Dan, and #3 J.J.Johnson. There ends a year of good shootin and fun times. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in 2009! Yee-Haa..............


Directions to Inland.


November 15th, 2008


The Overall winners were; #1 Dead Eye Maverick, #2 Coop, #3 J.D.Bull. Good Shootin' 


Find the scores here!

October 18th, 2008


The top shooters this month were; 


Long Swede 1st place overall


Timber Dan 2nd place overall    


Dead eye Maverick 3rd place overall

September 20th 2008

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys Monthly Match Overall Top Shooters Were #1,Bill Miner, #2, Dead Eye Maverick, #3, Red Haymaker!
bulletSix Stages, Well Shot!
bulletDirections to Inland.

August 16th 2008

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys Monthly Match Winners! #1 Overall was Long Swede, #2 Overall was Buffalo Sam Peed, and #3 Overall was Dead Eye Maverick. Good Shooting!
bulletPlan on starting the next few matches at 8 AM. Sorry but no practice prior to 8 AM due to range restrictions by our landlords.
bulletThe clubhouse AC is well again! Hooray

July 19th 2008

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys tried a early shoot to beat the heat. Word is it worked out well.
bulletThe Top Gunhands were #1 overall Long Swede, #2 overall Deadeye Maverick, and #3 overall Irish Eyes!
bulletPlan on starting the next few matches at 8 AM. Sorry but no practice prior to 8 AM due to range restrictions by our landlords.
bulletIt's been a year since IFG began the brunt of our fight to survive. We still need your financial help. Please donate to the war chest. We intend to win this. Or die trying. HF.

June 21st 2008

bulletThe big winners were #1 overall ' Dead Eye Maverick'! #2 overall 'JJ Johnson'! and #3 overall 'Calamity Candy! Good shootin' all.
bulletJust a note, when you see mention of the town council/city council/or any reference of that nature on this site. It only refers to our cowboy club. Please don't read any other dubious thoughts into it. IFG issues will never be discussed on this site. Thanks Pards.

May 17th 2008

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys monthly match. This Shootout was great! Winners were #1 overall 'Long Swede', #2 overall 'Sweetwater', #3 'Guy Wolf'.
bulletDirections to Inland.

April 19th 2008

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys monthly match Winners were #1 overall; Long Swede!, #2 overall; JJ Johnson!, #3 overall; Red Hay Maker!
bulletA real good shoot. Thanks to everyone for helping out and making it a fun day.
bulletDirections to Inland.

March 15th 2008

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys monthly match Winners were; #1 overall Long Swede, #2 overall Dead Eve Maverick, #3 overall Cross Creek!
bulletSix stages were shot.
bulletFood and drinks were great. 50/50 Drawing was great!
bulletDirections to Inland.

February 15th &16th

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboys First Anniversary shootout was a success! Top Overall Winners were: Long Swede #1, Dead Eye Maverick #2, and Cross Creek #3
bulletThere were a bunch of side matches on Friday and we will post the winners when we get the list.
bulletMatch scores are posted in the scores section!
bulletA big Thank You to everyone that came out to help, shoot, donate and everything else that made this shoot so much fun.

January 19th, 2008


The Plunge Creek Cowboy's First Shoot of the New Year!


The Winners were: Top Notch #1 Overall, Guy Wolf #2 Overall And J.D.Bull #3 overall! Great job guys!


This was another six stage shoot! We rolled it up at bout' 1 o'clock and had a good lunch. Somebody won some money and we all went down the trail.


Come out for our first anniversary shoot in February. We hope to make it an annual event!


December 15th, 2007


The Plunge Creek Cowboy's last monthly shootout of 2007! Winners were Dead Eye Maverick #1 Overall. Long Swede #2 Overall, and Top Notch #3 Overall!


50/50 drawing and shoot ticket draw. Buy lots of 50/50 tickets and chance you will win some extra Christmas funding!


Food and drinks are available, buy your build a burger ticket early so we know how many to get ready.

November `17th, 2007

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboy's Monthly Shootout! Winners were Long Swede #1 overall, Dead Eye Maverick #2 overall, and Haymaker #3 overall.
bulletNovember Match Director, Horace Falcon.

October 20th, 2007

bulletPlunge Creek Cowboy's Monthly Shootout! The Top Guns were; Deadeye Maverick,1st place overall; Haymaker, 2nd Place Overall; Coop, Third place Overall. 
bulletOctober Match Director, Rico.

September 15th, 2007

bulletThe top Overall shooters this month were 1ST place, Dead Eye Maverick! Second Place, Top Notch, And 3rd Place, 
bulletSeptember Match Director, Captain Fox.

August 18th, 2007

bulletAugust match director, Henry Hooker
bulletThe top shooters this month were 1ST place Overall Top Notch! Second Place overall J.D.Bull, And 3rd Place overall Not so Dead eye Maverick! Good Shooting.
bullet We had the famous tri-tip BBQ once again. ;-)

July 21st, 2007***This Shoot was Canceled***

bulletOur apologies, but our Range was closed until July 29th for repair and Maintenance. We had no warning and were caught off guard on this one. And we had the dang tri-tip lined up and everything....... Sorry, we will saddle up again on August 18th. Tri-tip and all. HF
bulletGod Bless America.

June 16th, 2007

bullet  June match director, Horace Falcon. 
bulletYee-Ha! Another great shoot! The top overall shooters this month were Top Notch #1, Deadeye Maverick #2, and Coop #3!

May 19th, 2007

bullet May match director, Rico. 
bulletThe top overall shooters were Deadeye Maverick #1, Guy Wolf #2, and Not so Deadeye Maverick #3!

April 21st, 2007

bullet April match director, Horace Falcon
bulletWinners were Dead Eye Maverick #1 over all, J.D. Bull #2 over all, and Baja Bandit #3 over all. Check the scores link for the whole list.

March 17th, 2007

bullet March match director, Captain Fox.
bulletWinners were Top Notch #1 Over all, Deadeye Maverick #2 Over all, and Loose Latigo #3 Over all. The Class results are posted, check um' out!

February 17, 2007

bullet February match director, Horace Falcon.
bulletThe Shoot went well with 38 shooters! A tri-tip lunch was served by the Inland Fish and Game crew, Thank you. 
bulletWinners were Dead eye Maverick #1 overall, Not so Dead eye Maverick #2 overall, and Phantom #3 overall.
bulletCheck out the photographs!


This site opened on January 30, 2007, Yee-ha!



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